Learn how to make Pancake Recipe delicious super easy and super fast! Excellent pancake batter recipe for you to use whatever filling you want. Many people have doubts about how to make pancake dough, so I decided to make an express post, teaching the basic dough neutral that can be used with sweet and savory filling and with few ingredients, this dough yields about 6 discs and becomes a thin dough and very soft.

Simple Pancake Dough Recipe

I will teach you how to make Pancake Dough Simple recipe for you to make in just a few minutes with a very simple recipe that you don't even need to use an electric mixer or blender, it's all made by hand! 

Yesterday I went to make pancakes for dinner, but when I started the blender it didn't work anymore, so the solution was to use the traditional recipe for simple pancake batter that doesn't need to use any electric utensils, just the hand. 

So no more laziness and write down this Pancake Recipe right now so you can make atoday simple pancake batter very tasty! With this batter you will be able to make various types of pancakes, from traditional savory pancakes topancakes sweetthat can be served as dessert after a special meal. 

If you are going to have a special visit at home and want to do even more with your simple pancake batter, just do it this way: 

  1. Place the stuffing you like best in the middle of the batter (chicken, bacon, jerky, cream cheese, etc. ..), 
  2. Roll the pancakes and place them on a platter next to each other, drizzle them with a very tasty sauce that matches the filling (tomato sauce, white sauce, meat sauce, etc.) ,
  3. Sprinkle grated Parmesan on top and microwave or oven for 15 minutes to brown. 

I guarantee that if you follow this step by step, you will have a very tasty meal, worthy of many compliments. In the end, I'll leave some recipes to complement your simple pancake batter and make it more delicious and more sophisticated. Simple Pancake Dough.

Simple Pancake Recipe:


If you love to taste pancakes, there's nothing better than varying the preparation so as not to fall into sameness, right? To do this, you can constantly innovate in the type of pancake filling you make. So every week you can eat something different.

There are different possible fillings to be made, whether traditional with meat, vegetarian and even sweet options. Check out the best pancake filling recipes to fall in love with!

1. Simple minced meat pancake: 

This is a classic minced meat filling recipe that many people like. The secret is to season the meat well so that the pancake has an irresistible taste!

2. Ground beef pancake with cream cheese: 

if you want to supercharge the beef pancake even more, try adding cream cheese to the filling. This will make the savory food even more succulent.

3. Pancake Recipe with Beef and Peas: 

Peas go really well with ground beef, you know? This mixture will yield a very tasty salty pancake to enjoy at lunch.

4. Minced meat pancake, heart of palm and olives: 

the filling of this salty pancake is very tasty and includes minced meat, hearts of palm, onion, garlic, tomatoes and black olives. No need to add salt because the olives are already salted. Place a slice of mozzarella on each pancake to make it even better.

5. Pancake Recipe with salted ground beef:

 this pancake dough is made with milk, eggs, wheat, cornstarch and salt. The filling is ground beef with a very special homemade juice sauce.

6. Pancake Recipe withdried meat with catupiry: 

how about innovating in your pancake filling? You can do this using dried meat as a protein. For added juiciness, add catupiry cheese!

7. Seasoned salted pancake:  

In this recipe, you learn different meat fillings to use in your pancake. One is made with ground beef, onion, boiled egg, salt, garlic, black pepper, olives, green scent and oil.

8. Chicken pancake with catupiry: 

this mixture has already fallen in the hearts of many people! Using shredded chicken and caturipy as a filling for pancakes and pies is guaranteed success. The tip is to prepare a crepioca dough and season the chicken well for an unforgettable taste.

9. Pancake Recipe with Chicken Stroganoff: 

This pancake batter is gluten free, making it a good idea for dieters. It is made with water, oil, linseed, garlic, onion, chickpeas, salt and tapioca. The filling is divine chicken stroganoff.

10. Chicken and carrot salted pancake: 

the batter of this pancake contains gluten-free oatmeal, egg, milk and salt. The stuffing is made with chicken, grated carrots, milk, cornstarch, salt, pepper and chopped green smell.

11. Pancake Recipe with Chicken and Spinach: 

Chicken with spinach is a delicious filling combination for pancakes. Prepare it with olive oil, onion, chicken, homemade spices of your choice and spinach. Make the dough with egg, cashews, chickpea flour, chia, olive oil and salt.

12. Salted pancake with white sauce: 

to make the pancake filling even more delicious, make a white sauce to ensure juiciness. Mix shredded chicken, ham and Parmesan with the already cold white sauce and stuff the savory pancakes.

13. Pancake Recipe with Easy Chicken: 

Gluten-free pancake recipe that's super easy to make! The dough includes egg, natural yoghurt, salt, cornmeal, corn starch and milk. Use shredded chicken, milk, cream of ricotta, onion, garlic, salt, black pepper and sweet paprika to prepare the filling.

14. Chicken pancake with mushrooms: 

prepare a traditional pancake batter and innovate the filling. In the skillet, put butter and a drizzle of oil. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, sauteing it until golden. Remove from skillet and shred chicken. Use the same skillet to sauté the mushrooms on high heat until golden. Add onion, salt, pepper and parsley. Return the chicken to the pan and turn off the heat.

15. Chicken Leek Pancake: 

This wholemeal pancake recipe with beetroot and creamy chicken and carrot filling is perfect to please the whole family. The difference is the pasta that takes milk, olive oil, egg, grated beetroot, oat flakes, whole wheat, garlic and salt.

16. Pancake Recipe with Chicken and Corn: 

Want to make an easy chicken pancake for lunch? The filling includes coconut oil, onion, garlic, shredded chicken, skinless tomato, tomato sauce, corn and chopped olives. Buy a ready-to-eat play dough to make your job easier.

17. Wholemeal zucchini and chicken pancake: 

If you like practical recipes, this pancake has everything to win your heart. The dough is made with skim milk, oat flour, quinoa flour and egg. The filling is a shredded chicken stew with your favorite spices.