Recipes with Chickens

Recipes with chicken are best applied for those days when you want to eat good food, but we are tired, have no time or are unwilling to spend hours in the kitchen .

So, ifyou need an ingredient that is versatile, tasty, that everyone in the family likes and, above all, that facilitates the preparation of your meals on a daily basis, surely our tip is to bet on recipes with chicken!

Very versatile, chicken can be prepared in different ways, always guaranteeing a delicious result. Also, to vary the preparation, it is always a good idea to try out new combinations of spices and foods. Check out this article for some ideas to vary the preparation of chicken and unleash creativity in the kitchen.

1. Recipes with chicken by Chicken Omelet: 

Great recipe to keep the diet. The omelet is stuffed with shredded chicken and zucchini, but you can use your favorite vegetable.

2.  Chicken drumstick

The drumstick is very popular and traditional. In this recipe you will see that it is simple and delicious to make this recipe at home, it is worth trying.

3. Chicken kebab: 

The ground beef kebab you probably already know, but the chicken kebab is less well known. It is a lighter and healthier version of the traditional kibbeh where ground chicken breast is used as the main ingredient.

4. Creamy Chicken Crepioca: 

Crepioca is a great option to maintain the diet. With the chicken stuffing, it is even tastier and nutritious, being a great option for pre- or post-workout.

5. Creamy Chicken Pie:  

In addition to shredded chicken, corn and curd in the filling, the result of these recipes with chicken is a pie with a very creamy filling and the best part is that the preparation is very simple.

6. Recipes with chicken by Chicken Pie: 

A tip to make the pie filling even tastier is to use leftover roasted chicken. In addition to this main ingredient, you will need tomato paste, sour cream, olive oil and spices to taste.

7. Healthy Chicken Pot Pie: 

That chicken pot pie is a delicious recipe, there is no doubt about it, but did you know that it can also be a fitness meal? In this recipe, the dough is made with chickpeas, ensuring a light and nutritious recipe.

8. Chicken Fajitas: 

Fajitas are a traditional delight in Mexican cuisine. For this recipes with chicken chicken breast baits are used, served together with onions and peppers inside tortillas.

9. Recipes with chicken by Chicken Medallion: 

Traditional at happy hour, the Chicken Medallion with Bacon can be made at home without much difficulty. Ideal for entertaining friends at home.

10. Inverted chicken: 

The drumet is also known as the chicken wing drum. In this recipe, the coxinhas are marinated and then roasted on the barbecue.

11. Chicken hamburger

The hamburger is a lighter option, ideal for hot days. The secret of this recipe is in the spices used, including mint, cumin, coriander and dedo-de-moça pepper.

12. Grilled chicken with vegetables: 

Fit recipe, ideal for lunch or dinner. Without much secrecy, just season and grill the chicken fillets and serve them with the vegetables of your choice.

13. Recipes with chicken by Grilled chicken fillet: 

A good chicken fillet should be crunchy and juicy at the same time, without getting dry. In this recipe you will find tips to make your grilled chicken fillet perfect.

14. Juicy and perfect chicken fillet: 

The great tip of this recipe is to leave the chicken breast to marinate for a few hours in the fridge. This ensures that your filet is very juicy.

15. Grilled chicken with salad and potatoes: 

The steaks are seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, mustard and garlic. To accompany a tomato and mushroom salad, potatoes are optional.

16. Chicken fillet with orange sauce: 

Great option for those who like a sweet and sour touch in their recipes. The tip to make it even more succulent is not to pierce the fillets with a fork so they don't lose the moisture inside.

17. Recipes with chicken by Chicken fillets in olive and caper sauce: 

This recipe is prepared in just a few minutes. Using the same skillet, the steaks are first grilled and then the sauce is prepared.

18. Grilled chicken with pineapple: 

Want to spice up your grilled chicken in a simple way? This recipe is ideal. In addition to being a tasty and easy-to-prepare accompaniment, pineapple helps with digestion.

19. Grilled chicken with cardamom and thyme: 

In order for the seasoning to stick to the chicken, it needs to marinate for at least a few minutes. Then just grill and serve!

20. Recipes with chicken by grilled chicken with mushroom sauce: 

Despite having a very simple preparation, this recipe with chicken takes on a more sophisticated air due to the presence of the mushroom. In just a few minutes the recipe is ready to be served.

21. Chicken gratin with ricotta sauce: 

A recipe that takes few ingredients and is easily accessible. Whip up the seasoning and delight yourself with this dish full of flavor and creaminess!

22. Chicken with gorgonzola gratin: 

To get this recipe right, be careful not to over salt, as gorgonzola is a very salty cheese. The topping gets a special touch with the addition of crunchy biscuits.

23. Recipes with chicken by Chicken stuffed with coppa and cream cheese: 

A recipe with a more elaborate preparation, but worth it. The special touch of the recipe is the presence of powdered ginger.

24. Chicken with pesto, tomato and mozzarella: 

The recipe uses only 4 ingredients, in addition to the seasonings. To prepare, just layer the ingredients and place them in the oven. There's no secret!

25. Chicken roasted in onions: 

For the chicken to be very juicy, marinate it overnight. Then just take it to roast with the onion and follow the author's tips.

26. Chicken à la gaston gérard: 

A recipe with chicken with a gourmet touch and surprising for its name and flavor. Although elaborated, it does not present great difficulties in its preparation.

27. Recipes with chicken by Sicilian lemon roasted chicken: 

For this recipe, the bird cut is used along with wine, thyme, lemon and other seasonings. Just take it to bake and go!

28. Roasted chicken with vegetables and bacon: 

The thighs and thighs are used for the recipe. The secret to keeping the chicken juiciness is adding a spoonful of mayonnaise along with the seasoning.

29. Tandoori Chicken: 

Chicken is a typical Indian dish consisting of chicken marinated in yogurt or coconut milk. To accentuate the color, the tip is to use paprika.

30. Chicken Lie: 

The main ingredients in these recipes with chicken are curd and onion. Make sure the curd is evenly overlaid on the chicken so that it is well seasoned.

31. Roasted Chicken with Potatoes: 

This recipe is typical for Sunday lunch. The author gives tips for beginners not to have difficulty roasting a whole chicken.

32. Chicken stuffed with gorgonzola: 

In this recipe, the gorgonzola and honey flavors are in harmony and promise a great combination. For those who are a fan of the sweet and sour flavor, it is worth a try.

33. Recipes with chicken by roasted with honey, soy sauce and ketchup: 

Versatile recipe that can be served as a snack or main dish. The combination of honey, soy sauce and ketchup results in a sauce that makes all the difference.

34. Oven: 

-style chickenAnyone who's a fan of the traditional bird-style chicken knows that it's not the healthiest recipe. In these recipes with chicken, the frying is replaced by the oven, but the flavor of the recipe remains.

35. Fried chicken: 

the chicken wing drumsticks are seasoned with lemon, salt and pepper. Then, the coxinhas are breaded with a mixture with a touch of pepper, which gives a spicy flavor that makes all the difference.

36. Chicken with the bird: 

The chicken with the bird is a classic. The recipe is not very secret, just season the coxinhas and fry them. In the recipe, the author presents some tips for making the chicken very dry and crunchy.

37. Recipes with chicken by Chicken strips with mustard and honey: 

This recipe is ideal for those who want a tasty and hassle-free appetizer. Simply cut the chicken into strips, season, bread and bake or fry. Then just serve it with the honey and mustard sauce.

38. Chicken saltimbocca: 

For this recipe, very thin chicken fillets are used, wrapped with ham and sage. A more sophisticated recipe, but still with a very simple preparation.

39. Chicken breaded with coconut: 

After seasoning the chicken and leaving it to rest for a few minutes, it is breaded with coconut, cornstarch and egg. Delicious and gluten free.

40. Chicken with garlic and lemon:

This recipe uses chicken legs that are seasoned with garlic and lemon zest. The thighs are fried and served with caramel pumpkin.

41. Chicken Parmigiana: 

To make these recipes with chicken, just season the chicken fillets, bread, fry until golden and then bake with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

42. Recipes with chicken by Chicken pizzaiolo: 

Great recipe to spice up chicken fillets. Simply grill the steaks, add tomato sauce and cover with mozzarella, tomatoes, oregano and basil.

43. Chicken Kiev: 

The recipe became popular thanks to an episode of the series Orange Is The New Black. The recipe is basically chicken stuffed with butter and herbs, it's worth a try.

44. Chicken Wok: 

For those who are a fan of Asian cuisine, this is a great recipe. The recipe is made with cubes of chicken breast, broccoli and various spices.

45. Karague: 

This is another oriental recipe. Karague is a sweet and sour breaded chicken recipe that gets very crunchy.